Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Colour of a Muppet with a Terminal Illness

Last week I posted about a sneaky pen in the laundry in the Hidden Pen in the Laundry post.  Didja see that plug there?  Pretty subtle wasn't it.  Just like me writing this.  And this.  

Meg pointed out that there was some ambiguity with regards the specific colouring of a Muppet with a terminal illness.  She, very correctly, pointed out that Muppets are a multi-coloured bunch.   

Well Meg, in answer to your question, a seriously ill Muppet is this colour:
This Muppet is seriously ill.  He also has a hand up his rear end, which has nothing to do with anything,
but we should all probably be grateful that I didn't try to draw that too.

 And to prove that Muppet is not just hung over, here he is in the hospital with his terminal illness. 
Notice the copyright?  That's cause this drawing is so good y'all is going to try to steal it. 
But copyright symbol says, "NO!" and makes fun of your mother.
This is how I spend my time people.  I dare you to question my usefulness now. 


PS.  You may have noticed the letter 'u' appearing in the word 'colour' throughout my post.  This is for two reasons.  One, I am Canadian, and that's how we spell it.  And two, that's how it's spelled, because I said so.   


  1. Thanks for the clarification! :)

  2. Based on the drawing, I am going to guess that this Muppet is dying from extreme lower body swelling. Look at how that blanket bulges out from his tiny upper body. Pre-illness this Muppet could not climb the rope in gym class.